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Character Art (Minecraft characters OR my own character style, you pick)
I'll do character commissions - Minecraft characters or characters in my own style - usually for the low, low price of nothing! Yep, it's usually free.

Keyword: usually. Depends on the amount of detail you want in it!

A few ground rules:
1) It might take a while - a while being anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I'm between school and sleeping so commissions can never be guaranteed.
2) Don't use it for profit or commercial uses!
3) Anything untoward or lawfully dodgy that I've forgotten to mention is also not allowed!

... but other than that, its yours!

Tell me what props you want on your character, who its for, and for Minecraft character commissions you'll have to show me the skin you're using. I'll do my hardest to deliver something real good.
You can also tell me anything else you want, like posture, background, or other things.

For a gallery full of things I've done for people, click these words right here! From commissions to even my own school work, it's full of things I've drawn for other people.

I'll have to set the points to 10 since Deviantart won't let me make it free. But send me a note and let me know. Feel free to donate, though - it means a lot to me.


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BombCrop has started a donation pool!
500 / 500
Hey hey! If you like my drawings and are feeling generous, why not give a donation? I don't know what to spend these points on so I tend to use them to give out Cake badges when I earn enough.

Thanks in advance!

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United Kingdom
I'm Cal, and I enjoy drawing cartoons about fantasy and adventure.

I enjoy drawing my own characters and one day I hope to create a story or webcomic for them! Occasionally I draw Minecraft pictures, as well as a plethora of unrelated yet adventurous drawings.

I live in the UK and in my spare time I put books on shelves, play the drums, and make dreadful attempts at beatboxing around the house.

Want something drawn? I'm open to picture suggestions, character requests, commissions, or anything you can think of. Just send me a note and we'll talk!

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Left 4 Dead Avatar
I've been having extreme bouts of L4D2. I figured I'd draw myself as a character for a new avatar picture. Is it worthy? Only time will tell...
Mob Arena: The Movie - Five Types of Minecraftian
See the original drawing here:…

There are five types of Minecraftian. Which are you?

When the server admin goes mad with power, he throws the entire server into one of his deadliest mob arenas yet.
There are only five Minecraftians to save the day: which are you?

Coming to theatres 30th February!
Hayo, Bombcrop here. I've noticed that my journal is on the verge of becoming prehistoric, what with the lack of updates done on it. So, to keep it alive, I decided to make a post. And what better way of doing this than reflecting on my time drawing?

Creating and submitting cartoons: Admittedly, I don't do this often. At the time of writing, I'm halfway through a two-week break, so I dedicated the first week of it to exclusively doing two things: lazing about and drawing. I drew "In the thick of it" during that time, and I'm really proud of what it became and how it finished. I originally planned it by drawing the characters and a bit of the background, so most of it was made up on the fly.
In the thick of it by BombCrop

Hopefully when exams are up, I'll draw and submit more.

Using a graphic tablet: is actually something I've only just gotten used to, which is silly. If you're ever in possession of a graphic tablet, make sure you're comfortable using it, and use it! Up until "In the thick of it", I barely ever used my tablet. Now I can't draw without it!

Character creation: Drawing characters is mostly simple as their facial features consist of lines. However, it means that to give my characters unique features is difficult, and comes in the form of hairstyles and equipment. I've toyed around with using differently-coloured eyes (like the wolves in "In the thick of it") but it doesn't look right on human characters. I've also practiced drawing bulkier bodies with muscle and fat, but I'd benefit from more practice.
Character concepts - Graphic Tablet practise by BombCrop

Minecraft drawings: It also occurred to me that I don't make Minecraft drawings as often as I'd like! They're usually pretty well-recieved and theres definitely a fanbase for them, too. I'll get around to doing that! As I write, I'm in the mood to draw some sort of exploration scene. It'd be big on the scenery, and Minecraft scenery is always a bit fiddly to work with since it's all 90-degree angles. You'd think that makes it easy to draw, right? So did I! If anything, it makes it more difficult.

There are 4 kinds of Minecraftian... by BombCrop

Academic drawings: As I write, I haven't uploaded my ICT graphic drawings. But it occurred to me that I draw and make a lot of images for academic reasons, so if I wind up making more, I'll definitely consider uploading them on here.

Misc drawings: And to wrap things up, I've been toying with the idea of moving away from fantasy and into an urban theme. Drawing armour and weapons is all well and good, but drawing hoodies and fashionable clothing is more of a foreign concept to me. I'd like to start something with an urban-fantasy vibe, though I should draw some characters for it.

As for other types of drawing, like drawings that don't relate to fantasy or Minecraft, it's something I have also been considering. Drawing pictures like "Habit RPG: The Dishwater Disaster" and "Harmonix" is really fun, but it seems to be a bit too random. We'll see, anyway.
Habit RPG: The Dishwater Disaster by BombCrop

In summary: wow, I've got a lot of things I want to do.
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  • Playing: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


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